Biography of Lubomir Cernota

Born in 1980 in a small town of Liptal in the north Moravia, Czech Republic. After completing his training as a carpenter has worked several years in a small workshop producing traditional wooden toys. In 1997 started to study the Urasenke tradition of the Japanese Tea ceremony. In following years extended his interest also to other traditional Japanese arts – mainly calligraphy (shodo) and ceramics. He lived two years in Japan. In 2002 and 2006 he was granted a one year scholarship to study the Tea ceremony in its centre, in Kyoto. While living in Kyoto he was moved by the unique beauty of Maiko and Geiko (Kyoto term for geisha) and most of his free time spent at Hanamachi (areas where Maiko and Geiko live and work). His affiliation with the traditional tea-school opened for him the doors, which remain shut even for ordinary Japanese. He had a chance to become familiar with some of the “geishas” and take close pictures of them.

As a photographer Lubomir Cernota is interested mainly in Japan and its traditional culture. Most of his pictures are taken by camera Pentax MZ-7 with 28-200 zoom lenses and new pictures with description DCSF by camera Fujifilm 9500 and pictures with description IMG by camera CANON EOS-350D. He has already published his works in magazines and newspapers in Japan and Czech Republic and held eight individual exhibitions. In his home country, the Czech Republic, as well as abroad, Lubomir Cernota is involved in propagation and presentation of Japanese culture and education of the tea ceremony an often appears in media.

In 2004 became viceprezident of Czech branch of school of Japanese tea ceremony Urasenke. In 2009 was elected as a prezident.

Lubomir Cernota foto